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College cutie Kitty Kay dorm room mess

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283 5.0
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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Sep 23 2016
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Kitty is gorgeous! She's got great perky tits and a tight shaved pussy. I love watching her get messy with the cake and icing, but the "facial" at the end is the best part. Her face and mouth get covered first, then her tits. Great video!

In this video the super sexy and youthful Kitty Kay makes a big mess of herself in her dorm room while away for college. She starts off with the whipped cream all over, and moves rather quickly to the cake, sitting in it and getting herself quite messy. Wanting to keep the mess going, she gets out the blue frosting and goes for full body coverage. Kitty then alternates between cake and whipped cream smearing, making sure she gives us the sexiest views she can and even does a little mouth stuffing with some of the cake. We wrap up the video with the traditional facial, this time with a vanilla syrup that she takes a face full of and rubs all over. Music is "My LIfe" by Silent J.
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