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This is the very new episode of the very successful series Real Session Victims.In this episode we may watch Svetlannah performing her real Session in Chicago. Her mission is to apply several scissor holds on her victim. And eventually overpower him...Although Svetlannah is super strong with very strong legs and arms her mission is very challenging as her victim is extremely strong and muscular. But Svetlannah seems really devoted to dominate and make her victim pass out. A very difficult task...delivered by a very aggressive woman. Definitely...not to be missed. Category: SCISSORHOLD Related Categories: FANTASY WRESTLING, MUSCLE DOMINATION, MALE DOMINATION, SCISSORHOLD, MUSCULAR WOMEN Keywords: svetlannah doll, amateur, big tits, muscular, submission hold, arrogant woman, thong fetish, crossed legs fetish, mixed wrestling, barefoot, legs, domination, brunette, big butts, struggling