Public Masturbation


Brooke Logan

American / Alabama
11:21 min - Jul 17 - .MP4 - 415.83 MB


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Naughty slut Brooke Logan loves being naked, and she especially loves being naked in public. She gets a thrill from people looking at her body and knowing they are getting turned on watching her. In this video Brooke is at a public fishing lake that attracts mostly older men who spend their days fishing as a hobby. She arrives wearing a white dress that is much too short to be wearing in public. She walks out onto one of the fishing docks that is unoccupied and strips out of her dress to reveal her tight toned body in just a bikini and wedge heels. She lays out a blanket on which she can relax on and work on her tan. She pours tanning oil over her body, making her skin slick and shiny. As she begins rubbing the oil in on her smooth skin, she notices some of the men watching her and becomes aroused at the idea of putting on a show for the old men. She lets her tits slide out of her bikini top and squeezes her tits together while the oil drips between them. She wiggles out of her bikini bottoms and begins to finger her pussy. She finger fucks herself so hard. Her loud moans have the attention of all the fisherman at the lake. Her pussy is so wet knowing so many men want to fuck her. She continues rubbing her throbbing clit and fingering her tight cunt until she has an explosive orgasm. Now that she has satisfied her sexual urges she can continue getting her tan.