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3,194 4.7
4:54 min - Jul 17 - .MOV - 929.47 MB - 1440x1080 HD

audio only

purplemonty May 20 2017

downloaded twice just audio file no video?tryed to stream no video either ?:(

phani3 - Top reviewer Feb 10
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Love those nails beautiful

ChazzyAmateursXXX - Top reviewer Jan 13
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Great to see this screen legend again! Looking better than ever!

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So sexy and hot, will have to invest in more vids!

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From what I can see Angel has one of the nicest pussy around. I would love to taste her juices.

Arikajira - Top reviewer Jun 1
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Great video, you really look like you are enjoying yourself Angel

Glad you enjoyed ;-) Ow I so was enjoying my self x

purplemonty May 24 2017
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try to watch but no picture just sound huh :(

Angel_Long May 24 2017

sorry it doesn't seem to be working for you , seems to be working for me , would you like the video send thru to you on email ? x

nikolai35m - Top reviewer Mar 11 2017
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Angel long still looks hot, and She'll always be an expert at filthy talk. I Liked watching her play with Her pussy.

Dombringur Jan 22 2017
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Angel Long. Simply hot in whatever she's in!

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Jul 18 2016
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Pretty hot ;)

Just wanted to give you a little vid to perv on for free