Dream girl silhouette smoke at sunset!


Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
4:24 min - Jul 19 - .MP4 - 48.39 MB


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Gorgeous tattooed babe, Cadence St. John, fully seduces me in this magical and very cinematic smoking clip. Cadence is relaxing, just chillin' and watching the sun as it sets over beautiful Los Angeles. It's kind of a grey day, but it's still gorgeous outside, and she's in a partial silhouette, which looks amazing. She lights up her cigarette, and takes some deep drags, exhaling smoke at me. Cadence's beautifully lipsticked red lips and sexy slim figure will enchant you to no end, as she blows plumes of smoke right into your face. She's so freakin' hot. Oh my golly. Enjoy!