All That Glitters is Green and Gold

498 5.0

Elle Bea

498 5.0
6:03 min - Jun 15 - .MP4 - 610.75 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 12 2017
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This is a tale about a fun tail! Enjoyment from the bottom up.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Nov 29 2016
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Great use of glitter XD

Darwin89 Nov 7 2016
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Great Video. She took Her time and put in a lot of effort into the vid. I enjoyed and will be watching it again and again.

Jonothon62768 - Top reviewer Aug 22 2016
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Great use of glitter

danielcoffin Aug 12 2016
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NerdieBirdie's ass dripping with oil and glitter is the solution for world peace. Seriously, if everyone would stop and look at this, they'd be too busy jerking off to fight wars. Buy this vid and do your part to end global conflict.

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