Mobster Seductress Leaves You In Ruins

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This is a custom fan fantasy, to see your own brought to life email Raquel directly at: FellatioFantasies @, a straight & narrow officer, have just found yourself in the clutches of one of the most feared, powerful, and seductive female mobsters known in existence. Other officers before you that have sworn to their badge and honor, have been weakened and have succumbed to desire; and before you had found strength in being one of the untouchables, holding a higher ranking than most, after all. But, your rank means nothing once you find yourself in her lair, dark eyes piercing into yours causing your dick to throb. Weren’t you sent here to investigate a crime that you knew very well was taken place? It all seems to be a haze to you now… all you can think of is how you would love to have this sensual mobster’s hands and mouth all over your shaft. It’s as if you’re in some sort of trance, a trance that is sure to leave you in ruins if this crime syndicate has anything to say about it. It only takes one, ruined orgasm; to completely destroy a man after all.. even one that before, had thought of himself to be a man of power