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curvy Jeanne sploshing on the short bus

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289 5.0
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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Dec 23 2016
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MessyHot seems to have no shortage of amazingly gorgeous babes who love getting covered in cake and other messy foods. The cake and whipped cream are great, but the real fun comes when Jeanne gets the chocolate sauce out! I love watching her rub it into her big perfect tits.

Hot and curvy model Jeanne joins us this time to make a huge cake mess on the back of the short bus. She starts off showing off her colorful cake and moves on into a sexy strip tease that shows off her beautiful and bountiful booty. After taking a little taste, she turns around and sits directly in the cake smashing with her ass, then turns around for more of the same. After covering herself in cake and smacking her ass a bit, she moves on to the whipped cream, and then the chocolate syrup, making a REAL mess. After all the messiness she takes a frosting facial, and then rinses off with a few bottles of water while shaking that amazing ass. Music is "The Beat Is" by Silent J.
Afton Marie sploshing abandoned house
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