Kiki sploshing outdoors in the park

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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Sep 13 2016
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Messy Hot seems to only work with the hottest babes, and Kiki is definitely no exception. Her perky tits are amazing, and made even hotter when she covers them in cake and icing. As much as I love the "frosting facials" in most Messy Hot videos, the one is this video is even better than most!

Kiki, an adorable young lady with amazing natural breasts shows off having fun with a cake at Papago park, a local mountain preserve in Phoenix. She starts off with a little nibble and then promptly sits in the cake and wiggles around making sure to get cake in all the right places. After smearing cake all over the place I begin to coat her in frosting front and back which she makes a wonderful mess out of. We finish it up with a great big frosting facial that she smiles the whole way through. Music is Holy Cow by Nick Lee