Your money is MY MONEY

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We both know it, all I care about is that pay packet. Money is my addiction and you are nothing but a feeder. I don't care about you, your feelings, anything at all expect that you are working your ass off to ensure constant cash is coming my way. Money is my happiness, taking your very last dime and ensuring you are left with nothing is my job and it's what I enjoy and excel at. You hate what my bodies does to you, my curves melt your mind and you fight with yourself each time. You confuse yourself daily, it feels good to pay but then you covered in a wave of embarrassment, of stupidness, of doubt but you still pay and each time its more and more and more. Seeing me get richer and richer makes you detest me but then that is also replaced with outrageous love. The confusion I bring to your life is endless but you wouldn't want it any other way. Your job is to feed my money fetish to make certain my life is a kept life of luxury and that when my fingers are clicked you are there begging for me to take your cash. It's what you need, what you deserve and what you will do. Paying me over and over again just because you should.