Edge play and 3 separated orgasms



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Start naked, film from the side, I like to be next to your face. Tell me, what you're going to do. Masturbate on the edge for a prolonged time. Tell me how it makes you feel like going to come without rubbing. I want to know the dirty details of your mixed feelings.Tell me several times "I can't hold my orgasm" and "I'm going to orgasm". As soon, as you feel, you're going to come, take your hands away from your cliet and put it on your pelvis. Say "I'm orgasming for you" before you actually come. On first wave of contractions, say "Shit". Don't talk anything else while coming. Really, really, really let yourself the time to finish coming. Come down completely, WAIT ONE MINUTE. Then slowly start over again. Come again same way. When really, really finished, WAIT ONE MINUTE AGAIN and start over for third orgasm. Again if you want.It's really important, that you really come down between orgasms and begin from scratch. After all, tell me how it was. Tell me which one waves of contractions was hardest each time. And how much it ruined it for you each time from 0 (not ruined) to 10 (completely ruined).