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This is a reupload. The original video was uploaded on 07/23/2015 in WMV format. This version has edited audio so there's less white noise! I want you to get naked and kneel down with your hands behind your head. Listen to what I am telling you. You are a sad little piggy and your life is going to be a living hell. Now crawl on your hands and knees like an to the corner. Sit there with your legs spread open so I can see your asshole. Look how ridiculous you look! You're not normal, no normal person acts the way you do. Your little dick is there, locked away so no one has to see it. You don't get to cum. You do everything I tell you to. You're going to want to cum so badly that you're going to beg to be fucked by men! I want you calling men to come pay you to fuck your ass. You're going to pretend to enjoy it, squealing like a piggy as they cum in your ass. All of that money will go to me. I don't care if you're left with pennies to live, You're going to give me all of that money you earn from being a cum dumpster. You're such a let down to everyone around you. We all know how you are. This is how your life is going to be! Nothing but fucked and fucked over and I don't care