Freebie Tuesday

What Friends are For



American / Your Head.
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You've been hindering our night's out lately- all the girls have been complaining. You're my absolute best friend and I don't wanna lose you so I've got a plan! You've never been much of a man's man anyways, you're always with a group of girls- never getting any attention. Let's change that! Try on my pantyhose and silky dress. Feels good, right? Imagine going out on the town, looking like all your beautiful girlfriends- nice hair, smooth skin- finally getting the attention you've always craved. Let go of boring "manhood" and let loose, this is what you're meant to be, best friend! It'll take some time getting used to rubbing your sissy clit- youre so used to being a gross boy jerking off like an animal. Get used to your sensual, feminine side- the girls are gonna love it!