RainBlow Brite Goes Down

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Tiggle Bitties

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You remember my show, don't you? My pony, Starlite, and I have been growing up and finding new interests outside the realm of Rainbow Land. The Color Kids have even cum along with us on several of our Sex-Ventures!! ~~~~~ I heard from my friend, Twink the Sprite, that Tiggle has been taking the porn world by storm and I just HAD to come see what kind of havoc I could wreck on her fans! I locked her in the closet and shot video after video, teasing and fucking with her fans for a WHOLE WEEK! ~~~~ I wanna show you some of the skills I've learned since I was a lil girl, saving Rainbow Land. Let me just put your big cock in my mouth and I will suck with all my might! I know you've been waiting decades for this