Mommys Shoes - Anabelle Pync

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Hey baby boy. Do you like Mama's shoes? Do my arches make you excited in your pants? Do you want to sniff my shoes and sweaty soles? Why don't you get your tent pole out and start rubbing it? Rub that little penis and put your pee pee on my feet because it makes me happy to see how excited you are. Don't cum yet because you have to listen to mama! Let's give my toe cleavage some special attention. You love how I stroke your penis as I wrap my feet around it. You like it when we tickle your balls. Now I want you to put it in my shoes. Look at your load! You make Mommy so happy as I squish my feet inside my cum filled shoes. Other Keywords-small penis encouragement, older woman younger man, masturbation encouragement, masturbation instruction, mama's boy, foot fetish, shoe play, foot play, foot domination, foot worship, jerk off instruction, joi, high heels, toes, smell fetish, sweat fetish