Our Dirty Little Secret

4,665 4.6

Crystal Zeni

Italian / BBC LAND
4,665 4.6
6:50 min - Jul 19 - .M4V - 494.26 MB
90sCowboys - Top reviewer Sep 27
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Role play vid. in which a lonely horny housewife gives you a bj while her husband is at work. xxxZeni gives all her attention to the camera. Talks to you while giving a bj. Her nipples & breast peek out of top a little as she rubs them.At the end she tells to cum in her mouth ... Our Dirty Little Secret

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Hello beautiful!
You have ignited my intense fetish for very large, natural breasts. I'd like to inquire about a custom video involving breast expansion/clothes destruction. It would be about 8-10 minutes long. Let me know what you think! :)
Here’s what I would like to see:
I’d like you to start by dressing in professional clothes; it can be men’s or women’s business clothes, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you wear a button-down shirt underneath whatever blazer or sport coat that you choose to wear, and that the button-down shirt is too small to fit over your large breasts. I would also like it if you wore glasses and wore your hair up in a professional way. Slowly undress, and the entire time you’re undressing, please arch your back several times and show me the buttons of your shirt straining to contain your giant breasts. Underneath the button-down shirt, please do not wear a bra, but have on a men's white cotton t-shirt (one size too small) that has a hole cut in the middle of the shirt (right where your cleavage is). Once you get down to three buttons left undone on the button-down shirt please RRRIIIPPP the button-down shirt off (probably a good idea to cut the threads beforehand). Now, I want you to really show me the fabric of the too-small t-shirt straining against your huge tits. Arch your back a lot and show me all the side angles and the view from underneath (as if I was on my knees in front of you). Then, begin to slowly pour water over the t-shirt. Gradually get the t-shirt wetter and wetter. As you apply the water, I would want you to simulate riding cowgirl style on a cock. I don’t want fast bouncing; just slow, luxurious up and down movements as if you’re riding on a big dick. Undo the professional hairdo and take off the glasses. When the shirt is soaked all the way through, keep bouncing and stretching for a little while and then tell me you want me to cum. When you say the word “cum”, I want you to put your fingers in the hole of the t-shirt and RRRRRRRIIIIIPP the shirt open. Expose your naked breasts, but don’t take the torn fabric off right away; keep slowly bouncing up and down and show me how your naked breasts move. The last shot should be of you squeezing your breasts together, moving them close to the camera lens as if you’re waiting for me to cum on your nipples.

shadow23 - Top reviewer Jul 27
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Love this dirty whore with big tits! Wish she did more solo!

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Awesome video nice titties in you can see here that when you suck dick it's a passion while for some others it's considered work even know it's a dildo still can see the passion

Wetstephanie - Top reviewer Feb 14 2017
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such a hot video

My husband works all the time! He never has time to please me anymore. I've been so horny, thank you for coming over & keeping me company. PLEASE don't tell my husband about what we did..... he wouldn't approve one bit....... shhhhhh