Hidden Camera Reveals Secretarys Revenge

8:16 min - Jul 19 2016 - .MP4 - 306.04 MB


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After a series of bizarre events, you’ve had no choice but to install a hidden camera in your office. It’s nothing fancy - just a little webcam behind the plant on your shelf - but you have to get to the bottom of things around here…You’ve discovered money missing from your coat on two different occasions, things in your desk keep getting moved around, and, most distressingly…there was a questionable stain on your tie last week.It’s not that you don’t trust your employees - well, most of them - but honestly the new secretary is a little off-putting. She’s sexy as hell, but you know that there’s something going on with her…You can’t believe your eyes when you watch the recording from your office! In just a few short minutes, your nasty secretary managed to befoul almost every single thing in your office. Although you’re insulted…and she’ll definitely have to be fired…you can’t help but feel your cock twitch when you see her rip her panties aside and cram your favorite tie into her wet little pussy.