After Exercise Role Play Solo Fuck

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American / Texas, US
930 5.0
7:15 min - Jul 19 - .WMV - 213.17 MB


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mb5000 Feb 25
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Naughty1NextDoor has a great physique, and she puts it all on display in this video.
Multiple positions including a fantastic doggy-style view (as seen in the preview image).
This video is just perfect in every single way!

Doctor Insano - Top reviewer Nov 19 2016
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God lord,I love watching this gorgeous lady finger fuck herself.Great Job on the camera work and the lighting.Naughty's dirty talk raises the erotic factor on this to volcanic levels with her dirty talk and the way she fingers herself.I love the different positions she does!I love her hair color in this too! So I'm going to say buy this!

xviper73 Nov 18 2016
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Hot video. Even hotter woman. One of my favorite videos she has done. Very well done.

A role play vid I made recently...I cum in from exercising...and you want to fuck me all sweaty!! I had plenty of energy still, so I strip naked and get dirty for you...fucking myself with my fingers and talking to you.