Freebie Tuesday

My Mom Answers My Craigslist Ad

23:17 min - Jul 20 - .MP4 - 1.14 GB


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I wanted to earn a little cash and fuck some hot girls this summer so my friend and I started an amateur porn studio. I placed an ad on craigslist and I could not believe the response I got. One afternoon we got a call from a MILF who was interested. I set up her test shoot and audition. Her voice sounded familiar over the phone. When I peeked out to take a look at her, I was shocked! The hot MILF was my mother. WTF! I put on a mask and disguised my voice and went through with the audition. She panicked at first when I came out, but once she calmed down she did great. I had no idea what a horny slut she is. I have to admit, she was the best one so far and if I wanted to, I could make a lot of money with her. After she sucked my cock and fucked me, I was debating to reveal my identity to her, I did not want to at first, but then I thought this would be great leverage for me to get anything I want from her!