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Jade Nixon

American / United States
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How come you never call his cock small or tell him to leave at the end?

In this vid, Jade has just cleared out the house after hanging out with friends by the pool. Jade begins to rub her pussy when she hears a knock at the door. Hoping it's her boyfriend she jumps to answer the door but is surprised to see his friend Marco instead. Marco forgot his phone so Jade invites him in to look for it. As he searches for the phone Jade silently undresses behind him and talks him in to getting a five star blow job. Watch as Jade sucks his tiny penis doing all she can to keep him hard. When Jade tires of his small dick she teases him by shaking her ass in his face, and then promptly tells him to leave clearly dissatisfied with his tiny dick. Thanks for watching! Please leave feedback if you like this video and don't forget to click the hearts on my profile! XOXO Jade