mayhem flashing at the grocery

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423 5.0
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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Sep 13 2016
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What a great public tease video. Mayhem is wearing a short skirt, and wastes no time taking her panties off right in the middle of the store. From that point, she seems to be on a mission to flash her beautiful pussy in nearly every aisle of the store. She also flashes her boobs once or twice.

Sometimes before one of our sploshing shoots, the model and I will go grocery shopping for some key ingredients, and they'll show off in the store.. We open on the morning of her 18th birthday in the parking lot of the grocery store with her hair in a beautiful green/blue mohawk. Normally when going on a public flashing adventure, low key is the name of the game, so this one was double difficult. Walking into the baking needs aisle, she lifts her skirt for the first time, showing off her little black thong from in front and back. Moving towards the jello, she drops and removes them. After dropping her panties she really gets a feel for the thrill of public exhibition, and as we're shopping for the stuff for the rest of our shoot, we get plenty of upskirts, flashing her perky tits, and skirt lifting with some great bent over shots. We finish our shopping and head out to the parking lot where she lifts her skirt one more time. Celebrating the birthday with Mayhem was amazing and you can find the rest of her art with us in our store!