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Foxy Dragon Flower Stretching and Gaping

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1,010 5.0
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jwiz1437 - Top reviewer Oct 11
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This is Ruby's first encounter with her new Bad Dragon Hanns the Mandrake! She lays back and stretches her tight pussy with the first flower shaped knot! I loved watching her lips being pulled out when when she pulls the knot out! ;P
But Hanns has TWO knots! Watching her lips stretch over the ripples of the second knot is a sight to behold!
If that weren't enough the pussy gape when she pulls Hanns out is one of the best ever! :D Between the stretching, stroking and using her fingers Ruby cums hard and clamps down even tighter on Hanns! Luck SOB!
Don't miss the second half of Ruby taking on Hans, "Dragon Riding and Stretching my Pussy",!

r3kaaa - Top reviewer Jul 21 2016
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Perfect, very HOT video, Worth the Money:D

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