Freebie Tuesday

Rough Anal Scene



British / UK
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2 security guys are doing there rds, one mentions he has some thing show the other & unlocks a door to see Angel Long shut in a cage like a dog. The secuirty guy pulss her out & puts her on a lead & tells the other guy lets go have some fun. They lead her like a dog across the massive warehouse floor to a trashy stained matress on the floor. The guys take full advantage of the slut, making her suck their cocks, making her cry while she is sucking them off . One of the guys takes more control & fucks her in her tight little cunt & her asrehole . He just fucks her like she is a piece of meat. His hands all in her mouth fisting it , slapping her. her make up was all smeared over her face . The other guy just watches in amazement for a while before he comes back in & they spit roast cock in her tight arse hole while the other is in her mouth . Both guys fuck Angell until they are ready to spray their spunk all over her face. She looks suck a dirty bitch with all the spunk all over her face & her make up all smeared