Freebie Tuesday

Smoking On The Farm


Brooke Logan

American / Alabama
8:17 min - Jul 20 - .MP4 - 303.90 MB


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This is a smoking fetish video of Brooke enjoying a cigarrette outdoors on a farm. Although she is dressed like a slut, she talks about how she has been working so hard on the farm and needs a smoke break. She is wearing a short, pink dress over matching yellow bra and panties and knee high boots. She takes long slow drags from her Marlboro, letting the smoke roll gently from her full luscious lips. In between drags she talks about how horny she is and how she wants a sexy cowboy to fuck her. She also pulls out her tits and plays with her nipples. She talks about how wet her pussy is and how horny she is and how badly she needs to get fucked while she rubs and fingers her pussy. When she finishes the cigarrette the video is over.