ABDL Whitney diapered diapers U ageplay

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Canadian / Las Vegas
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duckguy Jul 27 2016
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Thanks for including the rubber ducky!

It's been quite a while since we've had an adultbabygirl on the site & today you've got an ABDL diapered playdate with ABY WHitney!!! She's all cute in her thick cushy disposable diapers & she's gonna put a nice cushy Bambino dipee on your tushy too!! Cuz it's pwaytime! She makes you lie down & puts on a nice diaper on you... but not before she puts a thermometer in your bum bum! Poof! goes the baby powder! Once she's got your thick diapee on you it's playtime as you both play with toys. ABG Whitney gives you a binkie too! But the diaper feels soooo good on you that you can't help but start rubbing yourself in the front!! BabyWhitney sees this & encourages you to run your diaper, even rubbing your diaper with you & wanting you to cum in your soft diaper. Keep going until you cum with her!!!