Drop by drop to swallow that puddle


Ava Black

British / UK
9:06 min - Aug 18 - .WMV - 201.42 MB


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Mmmm, look at you! What do you have there for me? A nice little bulge in your boy shorts huh? Immediately shot up the minute you spotted me didn't it? Made you want to yank out a devotion puddle to your Supreme Ebony Goddess did it? Hahahahah! Well you know what? I do want you to cum for me today, I really do. In fact I am going to help you to get that cock of yours nice and hard, I bet your balls are aching just thinking about it aren't they? They're almost as heavy as my E cups with the amount of jizz devotion you want to dedicate to me... mmmmm That's it boi, feast your eyes on this gorgeous Ebony body, my delicious curves in your face as you drool and tug away. Follow my instructions completely, I want you to get a nice big load going for me. A nice huge devotion puddle so when you cum you can tip your head back and down that devotion puddle just for me! Mmm yummy!!!