Delia toys and destroys Kendra's ass


Kendra Sinclaire

American / Seattle, WA
35:44 min - Jul 29 - .MP4 - 1.57 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Delia and Kendra spend some time getting to know each other while camera girl Nina Lawless interviews them. The girls are sucking on dildos and playing around before Kendra admits that she wants all of the toys in her butt! Delia is happy to oblige and Kendra bends over for her. Delia pulls Kendra's panties to the side to reveal an already naturally gaping hole ready to be filled up! This excites Delia as she spits over and over again directly into Kendra's wide open hole, filling it up with spit lube that comes out later in the video. Kendra's ass is filling up with air as Delia plows her with a thick dildo. Kendra pushes out with her ass and it farts, queefing air and making those hot dirty noises as the air escapes her ass! Kendra waits for more toys but Delia decides to shove her fat cock into Kendra instead! Delia fucks Kendra non-stop! Her big fat cock is making Kendra's feel so good and Kendra can not hold back. She screams that if she keeps getting fucked she is going to cum and tells Delia to just keep fucking her even if she does cum. Delia strokes Kendra as she fucks her hard and Kendra lets out a screaming squeal as her cock shoots back thick spurts of cum onto her stomach and black lingerie. After cumming, Kendra begs to keep being fucked, begging "KEEP FUCKING ME, PUT TOYS IN ME, FUCK ME, DO EVERYTHING!!!" Delia keeps plowing away at Kendra's wet hole, making a delicious creamy noise. Delia continuing to pound Kendra's asshole. The sound created by Kendra's wet hole and the pace Delia is fucking Kendra is enough to make you cum in the first two minutes of this video! After enough fucking, Kendra asks if it's time to her now. What an anal slut! Delia wastes no time and lubes up the Belladonna's Magic Hand dildo and shoves it in to Kendra's hungry fuck hole. Kendra takes it deep, moaning and screaming. She asks Delia to pull it in and out, to plunge her ass and Delia obliges; pumping the fully in and out of Kendra's ass. Kendra's ass is literally making plunging, sucking, and squishing noises as the mixture of a lot of spit, lubricant, and Kendra's thick natural ass juices are sloshed around. Delia pulls out the to reveal a bunch of creamy cum all over its fingers. Delia plunges the back in, really working Kendra's ass and sending Kendra into an anal orgasm which pushes A LOT OF ANAL CREAM out of her ass. It leaks down her ass and into the creases of Kendra's balls where it stays for the rest of the video. Delia grabs a butt plug tunnel which is used to gape Kendra's ass open like a funnel. From behind the camera, Nina Lawless tells Delia about a little trick of blowing up Kendra's ass like a balloon! Delia gets excited and blows a bunch of air through the ass tunnel into Kendra's ass, filling up her stomach with air. Kendra pushes out, farting all of the air out of the anal tunnel and making hot noises! Delia blows her up a few more times and Kendra ejects the air with pleasure each time. Delia then strokes off a big cumshot straight down into Kendra's open asshole. Some of the cum leaking down Kendra's ballsack. After letting Delia finish dropping her load in, Kendra leans back and Delia's THICK load cums pouring out of Kendra's ass through the tunnel and falls onto Kendra's black fishnet stockings. A hot contrast of white cum on black stockings is seen. Kendra then pushes out with her ass and the tunnel pops out! Delia mentions she has some friends who would also like to drop a load into Kendra so she puts the anal tunnel back into Kendra and Kendra assumes the doggy position with face down, ass up as she happily and excitedly waits for more friends to fill up her slutty hole! Keywords: shemale tranny tg ts mtf woman