Father and Daughter Reunited


Brooke Logan

American / Alabama
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Britney’s father has just been released from prison, where he has been locked up for as long as she can remember. Britney’s mom wouldn’t allow her to visit her father while he was locked up, so she hasn’t seen him in years. But now Britney is 18 years old and her mom can’t stop her from seeing her dad. They meet and have a long hug. Britney’s dad even starts to tear up because he has missed his daughter so much. Britney tries to make casual small talk, but she doesn’t know what to say to this man who is more of a stranger than a father. Britney’s father tells her that nothing will ever keep them apart ever again, and that he is going to do his best to be the best father he can be to her. He starts telling Britney how beautiful she is, and how nice her body looks. These comments make Britney a bit uncomfortable, even more so when her dad grabs her hand and puts it on his dick. Britney pulls away and says she doesn’t think that is a good idea. Her dad tells her that he’s her dad, he did make her, and to stand up and show daddy what he made. Britney strips down for her father while he pulls out his cock and starts stroking his self. Britney is shy having her father see her naked and covers her self with her hands. Britney’s dad starts touching her body and rubbing his hard cock on her before making her bend over so he can get on his knees and finger her sweet wet pussy while he tongues her pussy and asshole. Britney moans that she is going to cum and after she does her father tells her to suck his dick. She gets on her knees and shows her daddy what a naughty girl she can be. After a nice sloppy wet blowjob with lots of deep throat, Britney’s dad wants to be inside her so he has get get on top of him and he fucks his daughter, making her cum over and over. They switch to spooning and then to doggy where Britney’s dad pounds his daughter’s pussy hard, making her moan with pleasure and beg for more. When he is ready to cum, Britney’s dad tells her to suck all the cum out of daddy’s cock and he gives her a big hot load down her throat. He then tells her what a good little slut she is for daddy. Britney looks up at her dad and thanks him for letting her swallow his cum. This scene is shot in full HD with multiple angles for each position including POV.