Blonde Handcuffs Shackles Prison Uniform

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A sexy blonde answers her door and sees that the guy there is a friend of a friend, or so he says. She talks to him a minute about exchanging money for something that is obviously criminal and once he gets the item he paid for he reveals he is an undercover police officer and pulls out handcuffs to arrest her. She can't believe it, but he has her face the wall and does a quick search of her person. He then reads her rights to her and calls in the upcoming transport. He is next seen putting her in the back of his unmarked car and bucking her in tight with the seat belt. He tells her she will be transported to the jail where she will be held for process. Once at the station he takes the handcuffs off so she can get changed into her prison uniform. She gets naked, showing off her sexy tight ass and big tits, as she changes from her hot outfit and high heels to a drab orange jumpsuit and prison issue flip flops. When the officer comes back in she is put back in handcuffs and also in ankle shackles. He then takes her and has her hold a sign so he can take her mug shots. She has a bad attitude about the whole thing, but he keeps going as it is simply his job. After the pictures are taken, she is placed back in the holding cell to wait for a female officer to do a thorough strip search. She tries to cross her legs and get comfortable on the bench, but it is little use with the shackles on her ankles. The officer then comes in and tell her she will have to be transported again. She gets up to walk out and there are some great close ups of her ankle shackles as she is lead out again. Again she is placed in the back of the police car and he uses the seat belt to fasten her in. After a couple more close ups of the handcuffs and shackles the car is started and the prisoner transport has begun. Included in this clip: Handcuffs and Shackles, Handcuffs, Ankle Shackles, Shackles, Prison Uniform, Flip Flops, High Heels, Hot Blonde, Arrested, Seat Belt Fetish, Big Tits, Tight Asses, Mug Shots, Blondes