Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday


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American / Seattle
1,405 5.0
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This clip by Goddess Sydney is truly a masterpiece.. So realistic and hot! Loved how ignorant and strict the Goddess is, yet so beautiful and delicate. Thanks for the 20 minute cuckolding journey!

If you're not a cuckold yet, watching this video will help you get there! You love the idea of your Goddess going out on dates with attractive well-hung men don't you? But have you actually joined me in the whole preparation process before I go on these lavish dates? I didn't think so. So this time, you're going to be join and stick with me all through out the process. The aftershower, putting on make-up, drying and fixing my hair, picking the right lipstick, choosing what shoes to wear, picking what perfume to wear... and all that pizzazz! Normally, we call our dates beforehand to make sure they are good and ready to go. Your job is to help me get ready, share the excitement, and ultimately pay for the whole damn experience. That's what a true cuckold does! And I'm very proud of you!