Your rehearsal for full t0ilet


Ava Black

British / UK
10:07 min - Aug 25 - .WMV - 209.85 MB


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Come on! On your knees! Look at me! You know why you're here don't you boi? Yes, that's right... you are here to be my t0ilet bitch! Aaargh! Just disgusting! Yes, your insane desire to lie back while I unleash a downstairs hailstorm on you! All you t01let bois are the same - disgusting disgusting disgusting! I used to think you enjoyed seeing my pussy, now I know you are more interested in the steaming pile of rain and chocolate that comes from down there. But you are different aren't you? You've never really done this before have you? So it's all new to you.... Oh well, today is as good a day as any other to learn. Consider this a rehearsal so to speak. A rehearsal until that time when I think you are ready for me to call on you to be a full t01let for my needs. I am going to enjoy taking a seat just inches above your face and spreading those arse cheeks to show you the surprise package I have in store for you. Right before I slide it out slowly and with great control. You know I can control it don't you? Like a sneaking ninja it creeps up on your face and takes your breath away. Wonder if you will survive the chocolate log attack... Hahahah! I don't care to be honest!