Freebie Tuesday

My little butt plug challenge


Ava Black

British / UK
11:22 min - Aug 29 - .WMV - 248.64 MB


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Time for your training boi! Yes you! Do you like what you see? Your Goddess in devastatingly beautiful attire with smouldering looks and an evil heart to match? I bet you do... Today I'm going to subby you out completely... turn you into a desperate wench to please me. Moreso than you already are! Even though you might be relatively new to stretching that little fuckhole of yours I know you are going to challenge yourself, stretch yourself to please me. After all the only true joy you will ever experience comes from pleasing me does it not? That is your true purpose in life! So today you are going to stretch that arse of yours using a cute little black butt plug! Just a trainer size one for small holes just like yours. But after you have done it the way I command it you will agree with me that dynamite does come in small packages!