Leaving you for a cooler man


Ava Black

British / UK
9:05 min - Sep 01 - .WMV - 144.49 MB


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you come home from work to find your girlfriend in the living room. she tells you to take a seat as she has something important to tell you. you are shocked to see a glass of what looks like alcohol in front of her as well as a pack of cigarettes. she is a good homegrown prayerful girl and you can only wonder where she got them from. but what she has to say sends a shock right to your very core! your girlfriend - your loving sweet innocent flower - tells youthat she has started [***] and smoking now and she loves it! in fact she has been trying quite a few new things lately. had you not noticed the heels on her feet? she has taken to wearing high heels when you are out at work. and she loves it! she has also made some cool new friends who are way cooler than you could ever be. in fact they have told her she deserves far better than you... and she has found better than you. she met a guy. and he is amazing! so beautiful and toned, gorgeous looks and even better cock! she knows now that you lied to her that your cock is actually big, and all those porno cocks are just filmed with distorted lenses. that was back when she was stupid, naive, a dumb virgin! but no more! she has discovered that there are real cocks out there, and she has actually been having sex with the new guy... and just as your jaw is hitting the ground at warp speed she drops the last kicker! she's ditching you for the new guy with the big cock! she's had enough of your tiny cocklet, in fact she's packed all your clothes and she wants you out. now!