Fantastic film noir facial fantasy fun!


Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
2:54 min - Jul 21 - .MOV - 840.48 MB


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Intimacy and style are very important to me; and if there's a scene or a clip that exemplifies both of those things, it's this particularly hot and intense facial fantasy video with my sexy friend, Olivia Wilder. It's dark and moody like a classic film noir movie, but the awesome BJ and emotional cum blast make it epic beyond compare. A perfectly short 3 minute clip that also happens to be the end part of an awesome new full-length blowjob scene, this is one special bit of oral frolic that you'll need in your phone or computer for eternity. After an amazing oral scenario, Olivia takes my cock down so many times as I fuck her beautiful face, and she wields my dick like it's her personal toy, which is the best way to treat it... So I bust a HUGE thick nut, and everyone's happy... Hopefully you will be too after you watch this! Film noir archetypes gets dirty for you!