Fairy Shrinks and Crushes you


Misha Mystique

American / Las Vegas
5:11 min - Jul 22 - .MP4 - 183.48 MB


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This lovely fairy you've stumbled across might not be as nice as she looks. She catches you spying on her and shrinks you with her fairy magic. You find yourself to suddenly be very small at her feet. She toys with you with her large sexy feet, acting as though she will crush you under her sparkly wrinkled soles. At times you can see her face through the spaces between her long toes, and at other times all you can see is her soft soles. She warns you not to run because you are so very small that you haven't the slightest chance of escape. Eventually she tires of playing with her toy and crushes you under her bare foot. Shot in 1080p with clean sound and special effect for "fairy magic" . This is the alternate ending to Fairy Shrinks and Eats You Both clips start with you finding a lovely fairy and her teasing you before shrinking you. From the point of shrinking, the clips differ.