Kennedy Kats first cake part 1

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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Sep 13 2016
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Another incredible video from Messy Hot! Make sure to get both parts of this video. Kennedy is beautiful and makes quite a mess. I love when she makes a mound of whipped cream on the ground and sits in it and smears it all around her pussy.

We start with Kennedy tossing her clothes off and chowing down on a couple of cupcakes which she promptly smears all over her body writhing in happiness. Out comes the marmalade, making all kinds of sloppy squishy noises while she spreads it all over and gives lots of great close up views from behind and below. The next step is the vanilla frosting coating her body while she shakes her girlie bits and spanks herself. Sprinkles are next on the list. Lots of coverage here and lots of explicit touching. Now it's whipped cream time, and she fills her mouth to overflowing multiple times, and then covers her body and butt with it. She gives us some very nice butt-crack filling shots and then seductively strokes herself, making even more mess the entire time.
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