Kennedy Kats first cake part 2

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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Sep 13 2016
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Kennedy is beautiful and has perfect tiny titties! If you like this video, I highly suggest part 1. I love when she pours the bright multi color sherbet on herself. It's partially melted, so it's really runny and looks incredible. The part where she mashes a whole piece of cake in her ass is great too!

The second half of the clip begins with Kennedy tearing apart a coffe cake, rubbing it on her sexy ass, then covering her body with the crumbs. Next, she picks up a tub of rainbow sherbert, licking some out, then spilling the melted portion on her face and upper body. As she turns around, I shoot from below for some nice closeups as the sherbert slides down her back. A bit more play with the sherbert ensues as she discusses how cold and frozen it's made all of her parts. Red icing is the next treat up for usage and she has quite the time writing on herself, and then smearing it all over. More icing is then squished apart and eaten/drooled, and then she grabs the last remaining slice of the rainbow cake we'd used to celebrate my birthday,smashing it firmly between her ass cheek and spreading it around between her legs while she bends over, again giving a few really good closeups of the action from behind. She then lays on her back, stroking and rubbing herself before picking up a 2 liter of rootbeer which she shakes up and sprays all over herself, and then pours over her head. With makeup smeared all over, it's time for the frosting facial which I coat her with incredibly and accidentally squirt in her eyes before resuming full facial coverage. She greedily licks it all up and then using both hands wipes as much mess off her body as possible and brings them to her mouth licking it all off.