Trip Six Tied in Satin

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A nice but strict bondage session with beautiful Trip Six. She starts off wearing a pink satin Mandarin style dress, matching pink satin panties, and heels. I tie her tightly with a little asian flare, pinning her elbows behind her with a bamboo stick and then tying her wrists in front. The soft but unforgiving white nylon rope moves seemlessly across her delicate satin and holds her at attention. As the tie progresses, it gets much more complex, combining an inventive crotchrope with a pseudo standing suspension, anchoring her at 3 points. I gag her with a new Hottbonds bit/ball gag we were dying to try out, and lean her back and tie her neckrope to the floor behind her. Now fully at our mercy, I touch all over soft satin breasts and body. She wimpers excitedly. She loves this. Play time comes to an end and I remove her gag. She looks at me with huge puppy dog eyes and starts making little kissy lips at me. I pull her still bound body to mine and give her a couple smootches and then a nice deep kiss.