Unwrapping the candy

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The backstory is very simple: as you may already know touching your co-workers' genitals is not allowed according to EU law, hugging and kissing on the cheek is OK but you cannot touch your co-workers genitals. This doesn't apply to asking your co-workers to come to the office without underwear, for example, your secretary not wearing any underwear underneath her pencil skirt. Although there is unspoken rule - they will ask for a pay raise. Now because it it is perfectly legal you can also ask your secretary to climb on your desk and spread her legs (what is better sitting and picking up phone calls or sitting on your desk and not doing anything? :D) ...to see your secretary's adorable little penis. and you just love watching your secretary unwrap it! This is like unwrapping Christmas presents as a ... "Do it again! Do it again!" The video starts with secretary adjusting her hair looking slightly annoyed but then a faint smile appears (can be seen in preview.) a couple of quick zoomed in sequences. Of the secretary's adorable little penis. And the foreskin at first slowly then quicker and quicker rolling back by itself, without touching Then it is non-zoomed in (like in the last snap) more full body. Oops! Secretary has an unforseen accident - with all the foreskin stretching her adorable little penis has engorged to the size of a Wurst. But the candy wrapper can't fit around the juicy Wurst no matter how much you try... As the video fades out (and this is my fave part!) there is a compilation of almost every unwrapping zoomed in.