Ecstatic squirt of sperm

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How I LOVE seeing every one of your beautiful wet spurts of cum!  I am SO hungry for every stream and every drop!

Fuckgandalf Aug 27 2016

I want to suck it

This large swimming pool/gym complex have all the shower and changing areas mixed but all with private stalls. Probably because they wanted to put up surveillance cameras in the more shared areas because of the large number of people. But you hear the sound of stilettos in the changing stall next to you. Of course being you the curiosity gets the best of you, you wouldn't want to stick your head under the stall because that could be noticed but if you just stick the top of your phone which is much smaller just past it, pointing upward... You think omg... there is a slender, petite girl... with... a large semi engorged member... she is kind of flailing it around as if saying "no!" as if trying to "exorcise" it, it's like a fight between them, you can tell she is trying not to touch the tip but you can see it is tingling without even being touched, it's a fight for control and the tingling tip of the sexual organ simply does not want to go away...! You suspected that this is a losing battle but not quite so soon... Just seconds later the girl slathers body oil on the tip and a few seconds later the sexual organ is fully erect and pointing to the sky... The hand barely touching the erect shaft with its protruding veins because it's so sensitive it barely even needs to be touched! What will happen...? ... Omg...! You recorded all of this on your phone! So when the video fades to black you have edited it in slow motion (and the faint, subdued moaning sounds even more erotic in the slow motion version!) Now you can exactly count all the squirts of sperm! #1 this shot up to shoulder height #2 another big squirt #3 and another #4 and another #5 no squirting white white sperm just pumps out and runs down the glans #6 another pump of sperm, you wonder if squirting is over? #7 it isn't! after those two pumps there is another squirt! #8 and another small squirt... And you realize that you are not even sure how many there were one time you counted there were 9 but then if you count the couple faintly visible pumps of clear fluid from the glans of the organ maybe it should be 10 or even 11. You have lost count but you are excited to rewatch it! You decide to hide your little cell phone video somewhere safe (like burning it on a disk and slipping behind a book sleeve) but just the thought (even if you don't see it) brightens up your day... that there are pretty femboys... almost angelic... who lose control over their sexual member... it takes a hold of them almost in a devilish way... but the paradox is that when the sexual organ has completely overtaken control of their body in that orgasmic moment the seed that they squirt is so white and so pure it looks almost angelic in that orgasmic moment... and they don't do it just once they squirt time and time again... and just this knowledge lifts your spirits, it makes you happy and this is very understandable.