Freebie Tuesday

Extra low hanging + sperm duct views

5:25 min - Jul 22 - .WMV - 54.80 MB - 1024x768 HD


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I found not one but several folders of videos hidden away (from around 2013-2014) that I had completely forgotten or din't even know I had, lol. This vid is a bit ruined (in my opinion) by the anal play cause I just don't like it, back then I did it if the guy stayed in a show for a long time but more recently I just stopped doing it altoghether. Although it's not that bad I'm putting in just the tip of the dildo and I actually like rubbing the dildo against my butthole (hint: I expect my butthole to be licked but don't attempt to stick anything in there, lol) But IDGAF about that. I have some pretty good ballsack tease videos but this has got to be one of the best. You know when you have a really low hanging ballsack it's like predicting the weather - you never know if it is going to be all shrunken up or... This has got to be the lowest hanging nuts day ever. And when I lay on my stomach and the ballsack spills (yes, spills is the right word lol) on the bed you can clearly see both nuts and sperm ducts. (no audio (though even if there were it would probably be just background music playing and some keyboard clicking, that is the downside one of my best ballsack videos has to have! :D)