Taboo Blackmail Clean Mom Ass or Telling

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CastinAtoms Jul 24 2016

Stunning ASS! xxxx

Your hot blonde MILF step-mom is sitting in her skimpy bikini on the bed when you walk into the room. She is angry that you took so long to get into her room and tells you she was calling you for five minutes. You give her a look she doesn't care for and she reminds you that she is your new mom and even though she is only a couple years older than you are, you needs to respect her. You again show her disrespect and she is fed up with it. She asks if you did any of the cleaning she wanted you to do while she was at the beach and when you say no, she has a taboo shock for you. She says since you did not clean the house that you will do as she tells you and you will clean her ass. You of course laugh at her and she then lets you know the dirt she has on you. She tells you that either you eat her asshole and clean it good for her or she will tell your father about the hundreds of dollars you spent on porn using his credit card. Having no idea she had this kind of blackmail material on you, you have little choice. She smiles big and then unties her bikini bottoms to show you her ass and then asshole. She spreads her asscheeks and tell you to get in her ass deep. She tells you it is extra sweaty as she was at the beach for a few hours and tells you to lick every centimeter of her tight pink pucker. She backs her ass up to you, pulls your head into her ass, and even sits and squats right down on your face. She wants her ass cleaned good and has no problem using blackmail to get what she wants. Though this ass cleaning is indeed taboo, she reminds you it is not for pleasure, but punishment so you'd better steer clear of her pussy. She then tells you that if you disrespect her again she will bring some of her girlfriends home with her from the beach and they will all take turns getting their sweaty assholes cleaned by your tongue. When she feels you've had enough she lets you up and tells you she will not tell on you, for now. She then smiles a wicked smile, reminding you she is in control, and tells you to get the fuck out of her bedroom. Included in this clip: Taboo, Blackmail, MILF, Step-Mom and Step-Son Role Play, Mom and Son Fantasy, Ass Eating, Ass Cleaning, POV, Asshole Fetish, Bikini Fetish, Blondes, Hot MILF, Spiteful MILF, Eat My Ass, Clean My Ass, Face Sitting, Blondes