Freebie Tuesday

Eating out a girl at motorway services



British / UK
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I picked up a girl from the train station & got straight on the motorway ( Highway) I was feeling naughty & wanted to see how naughty i could make her. Ipulled up in the 1st services i could find & parked up in the main car park. I told her I wanted to fuck her there. In the middle of the car park with car driving past, I told her i wanted to eat out her pussy so to get in the back of my car & pull up here skirt so i could pull her panties to one side so i could eat her pussy. she does & I eat her out good while she holds the camera. When she lifts the camera up to look out the window you can see cars driving past . It was so horny . I loved it . I took of my jeans & pants & got in the back so i could hold the camera while she eats me out . The slutty little bitch made me cum on her tongue. This is a very naughty scene shot by ourselves & very public