Charlotte Sartre Birthday BJ and Facial

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780 5.0
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Lovetron16 - Top reviewer Dec 15 2016
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Charlotte is such sweet girl who I'd never been into before, and upon y research of her, most of her work is on more of the harsher side of porn, which turns me off. But, in this video she is shot in a classy manner best done by NaughtyBoy, and I hope they shoot again as I can't watch most of her other work. Great scene and cum shot!

*Cum Shot At Two Angles* It's the wonderfully sweet Charlotte Sartre's birthday, and she's never had a birthday cock before... So, watch her finally get the birthday present she always wanted as she teases and pleases her cock with her hot mouth and sweet voice. A highlight of this scene is that you can tell she really enjoys sucking her cock. Charlotte sensually sucks her birthday cock, and gets a nice big load out of it while she jerks the cum all over her pretty face. Charlotte also takes some cum in her mouth and swallows it before she licks the cum off her hands and arms too... Another highlight is that this is a rare sweet, sensual scene with Charlotte, which is totally opposite the harsher, rougher type scenes she has basically done thus far... You also get the cum shot at a second angle, along with some post scene comments from Charlotte about how she liked swallowing her birthday load. Personally, I believe I've captured how sweet her personality and sexuality is in this video. I also fell head over heels for this sweet little lady, and I think you will too!