Kitty Maid Ali Faps for Master



American / East Coast
6:48 min - Jul 22 - .MP4 - 531.56 MB


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Meow! Hello Master! Kitty Maid Ali has done all the cleaning. Can she play with herself and get dirty? A downward POV of a nude Kitty Maid Ali with her long black tail, kitty ears, collar, and lacy cuffs. She uses her feather duster to tease, rubbing it all along her body. Then she spreads out on the floor and works a dildo into her pussy. It is such a tight fit because of the kitty tail butt plug. If she thought that was tight, Kitty Maid Ali struggles when working that toy in from behind. Cutting to a cute little booty shake, Ali gets into a missionary position and is orgasm crazy. She coos, mews, and quakes as she reaches two powerful orgasms before cleaning up that dildo. Thank you Master.