Freebie Tuesday

Mom catches you in her heels

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AJ Jupiter

American / California
217 5.0
10:56 min - Jul 23 - .MP4 - 689.45 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Csskate Sep 21
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Very good humiliating sissy video.

Joec199 Aug 6
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Love being Ms. Jupiter's sissy son in this amazing taboo video

Your mom was getting ready to go out when she realized that her heels didn't look right, or fit right, and called you into the room. She tells you that it's pretty damn clear that you tried to wear her heels while she was at work. You've ruined them. Stretched out the straps, scuffed up the heels. She laughs that you thought you could wear them, did you think you looked good? Maybe even pretty? What a sissy boy. She tells you how she's going to make you pay for a new pair of heels, you'll be walking the streets in this pair and a teeny skirt and taking whatever guys have to give you. Sucking them off, fucking them, whatever it takes, for whatever money they will give you. You'll be a sopping wet slut when they're done with you.