Playtime with Lola

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3,943 3.0
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Not a bad video but it's way too much teasing for my taste. I figured if she would charge this much for it then it would be worth it but I was a little disappointed because it cost so much and she didn't mention in the description or video tags that it was a tease video or teasing was involved. She spent almost 10 minutes of this 17 minute video teasing and stripping. She does get to the action eventually but to be honest if I was gonna pay over 20 bucks for a video, over 20 bones for one video, it would have to be way hotter then this and get more to the action. The excess teasing stuff is not my style especially when there is so little action in the rest of the video and though there is some little anal play with her vibrator there is not really any vaginal penetration and she doesn't really cum. She shot this herself I think by way of a selfie stick or something like that and it makes for a pretty good film but you can easily buy better for cheaper on here. On the bright side she is very beautiful with a nice body and she seems to get into character with moaning and sexy talk. I had to give this a three however because she caught me off guard with all the teasing, the high price point, the lack of an orgasm, and my lowered expectations. If I pay 20 dollars for another video on here it has to be a quality film, bottom line!

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