Eat It For Big Sis



German / Florida
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I come into mom's bedroom to find you masturbating with my panties wrapped around your hard shaft!!!!! Ever since our parents moved in together , I have been missing panties, but now I know where they are!!!! I had no idea you looked at me like that and I had that affect on your young manhood!!! You always love my tight jeans and sexy panties..u just can't help sniffing them and jizzing on them. So I make a deal with you!!! Show me what you do when you are masturbating with my panties and I will promise to work up another load for you!!! One that will feel even better than the first!! And you can pick the spot to blow it all over on me!!! Oh, by the way, before we do that...I need you to cup your hands and blow your first load in your hands and take a big taste for me!! You know you always wanted to and why should I be the first to taste it??? I'll even give you a cum countdown! Come on little brother, you know you want to!!! And look what you get if you do!!! An even better second load!!! ENJOY!