Finger Fuck

3,162 5.0

Arwen Datnoid

Canadian / Your butt
3,162 5.0
10:46 min - Jul 23 - .MP4 - 794.34 MB - 720x480


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chefmast3r Jan 28 2017
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No toys, just Arwen doing her thing with only her hands. Great view at the end.

chad001 Jan 22 2017
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The stunning Arwen shows off her perfect body whilst pleasuring herself for our enjoyment. Great close-ups and amazing angles. 10/10

haibbhru Jan 22 2017
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The screenshot doesn’t lie – Arwen makes use of a lovely juxtaposition of positioning and backdrop. She manages to appear both contorted and serene, while her vividly colored bedsheet pattern suggests peacock feathers or even all-seeing eyes, heightening the all-natural motif. But it’s all about the fingering action! Every finger has a purpose – her right two forefingers dance and skip across her clit, left pinky teasingly wiggles around her butt, both thumbs firmly bracing against the surrounding flesh. There is a sold 4 minutes of post cum fingering as well, and I particularly loved how she firmly pressed her thumb against her clit, like a post-cum mini-massage. Beautiful, natural and back to basics, just one very small side of Arwen!

OrangMahn - Top reviewer Dec 1 2016
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This is a VERY HOT video. The beautiful Arwen gives an outstanding performance with great fingering action and an intense orgasm. There is also a nice close up shot of the fingering near the end. Definitely recommended for everyone.

ChefRob33 - Top reviewer Jul 17
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Arwen all laid-back and natural, nothing but her pleasuring her self, and my God dose it look good.

My first official video of me finger fucking myself until I cum! I finger my pussy and my ass while rubbing my clit until I can't take it anymore! There is a special close up at the end too where I fit an extra finger into my butt