Freebie Tuesday

Cuckolding Loving Wife for Condom CEI

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Your hot blonde wife is on the bed and in her lingerie. She is talking to you about how excited she is that the two of you are going through with the plans to have her fuck another guy in front of you. She loves all your kinks and loves how you like to eat cum and she so appreciates you letting her get a guy with a big cock as yours is simply not that big. She brings on her lover and he enters her in doggystyle. Her eyes bulge out as she is not used to such a thick and large cock and she tells you as much. She is not mean about this, but very loving and simply matter of fact. As she gets fucked by her lover she offers plenty of dirty talk to you and then has you put on a condom so you can jerk off for her. As you cuck your wife getting fucked from behind she offers up a variety of detailed JOI in which she has you jerk off the way she likes to see you do it and the way she knows will feel best for you. As she works up to having an orgasm of her own she talks to you about maybe the next time having you fluff her lover to get him hard to fuck her. She sees this excites you so she continues to encourage you until you cum. She has you then take off the condom so you can eat your own cum. However, this cum eating instruction has you hold the cum in your mouth. She tells you to hold it for a moment longer until she has her orgasm. When she has the orgasm it is huge and she marvels that she is able to have an orgasm from penetration as she never has been able to with you in this manner. She then tells you to swish around the cum in your mouth and swallow it down. The fun is not even close to being over though as she then has her lover cum in a cup. As a reward for you letting her have this cuckolding fun she lets you eat her lover's cum. He then leaves and she has you put on another condom and lay on the bed. She asks in a teasing and loving way if you are in as she is so stretched by her lovers fat dick, and when she finds you are she rides you in POV. It is not too much longer before you cum once again into the condom. Your wife then gives you another round of CEI and has you swallow that cumshot as well. She finally tells you how much she loves you and how excited she is for the next time she has her lover over. You will be her little cum slut again, and her fluffer as well. She then blows you a kiss and smiles that smile that lets you know she is so happy with the cuckold kink the two of you have discovered together. Included in this clip: Cuckolding, Cuckold, Cuck, Cum Eating Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, CEI, POV, Doggystyle, Cumshot, Eat Cum, Cum Slut, Lingerie, Hot Wife, Watch Wife Get Fucked, Orgasms, Big Tits, Big Cock, Condom CEI, Blond Wife, Blondes